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Marcel et Monsieur Pagnol

Animated Series

The series adapted from the multi-award winning cult videogame created by Benoit Sokal, and developed by Microids

Representing the financial interests of a powerful American multinational, Marson & Lormont decides to send the New York lawyer Kate Walker to Europe to negotiate the takeover of the Voralberg manufacture of automatons and mechanical toys.

Kate arrives in the village of Valadilène, in the heart of the French Alps. But she learns that the sale is compromised: Anna Voralberg, the owner of the factory, has just died and there seems to be a hidden heir: Hans, her little brother whom everyone thought was dead, the creator of all these mechanical curiosities, that has been able to admire Kate since her arrival in the village.

The young woman also discovers that this eccentric old man would have left a long time ago, for a mysterious journey... He seems to be in pursuit of an obsessive childhood dream: to find there, far, very far, to the confines of icy Siberia, a mysterious place where giant mammoths still live. Mammoths like those that adorned the walls of a prehistoric cave nestled at the foot of the mountains surrounding Valadilène...

Despite criticism from those close to her and threats from her boss, Kate chooses to leave all her ties behind and pursue the mysterious heir. She boards a strange mechanical train, which he has designed, and which seems to take parallel tracks to cross a Europe shifted from West to East.

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