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Marcel et Monsieur Pagnol

A film by David Périssère and Ashargin Poiré

With the support of : Centre National du Cinéma

Hybrid documentary feature film

Animation, family archives and excerpts from Gaumont feature films

Alain Poiré, The King of Comedy is the portrait of the most prolific and eclectic producer in French cinema. From the advent of pre-war talkies to the dawn of current cinema, Alain Poiré led a record 62-year career with Gaumont from 1938 to 2000, during which he produced and distributed 310 feature films. , bringing together nearly 500 million spectators in France.


Undisputed godfather of popular comedy "à la française", his work is punctuated by meetings and friendships shared with the biggest names in the 7th art: Pagnol, Guitry, Renoir, Cocteau, Duvivier, Ophüls, Becker, Rosselini, Bresson, Robert, Fernandel, Raimu, Morgan, Simon, Brasseur, Gabin, Blier, De Funès, Ventura, Audiard, Aurenche and Bost, Bardot, Belmondo, Lautner, Molinaro, Dabadie, Richard, Depardieu, Adjani, Veber, Marceau, Lindon.. .


His work remains among the most striking and popular of cinematographic heritage: Naïs, Poison, Le Schpountz, Assassins and thieves, Crossing Paris, My Uncle, French Cancan, The Adventures of Arsène Lupin, The Green Mare, A Taxi for Tobruk, One Hundred Thousand Dollars in the Sun, The Gunslingers Uncles, The Pasha, Oscar, The Brain, Hibernatus, Fantomas, Don't Take God's Children for Wild Ducks, The Distracted, Delusions of Grandeur, She Doesn't Drink, She doesn't smoke, she doesn't flirt... but she talks, The tall blond man with a black shoe, But where did the 7th company go, The suitcase, An elephant is very misleading, We'll all go to paradise, The slap, Cop or thug, The Guignolo, The boom, The ace of aces, The goat, The glory of my father / My mother's castle, Kitchen and outbuilding, The dinner of cons...


Alain Poiré tells us in the first person about his "exceptional" journey, through a hybrid and innovative documentary, mixing extracts from his cult films, unpublished Super 8 family archives on an entire section of French cinema, as well as 2D animations. and 3D.


As a tribute to the films of our childhood or our Sunday evenings, this film gives us the incredible cinematographic adventure and story of the producer who became "the King of Comedy".

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