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A film by Sylvain Chomet

Feature film in 2D animation 

In co-production with Onyx Films (FR), Bidibul Productions (LUX) and Walking The Dog (BE)

Distribution France:Wild Bunch - International Distribution: Sony Classics, Elle Driver

First broadcaster : Netflix

With the support of : Région Normandie, Région Sud, Centre National du Cinéma, Film Fund Luxembourg, Screen Flanders, Screen Brussels

Theatrical release in 2025 

In 1955, Marcel Pagnol was over sixty and had just ended a prolific film career to return to his childhood love, the theatre.


But his last two plays had suffered two resounding failures in quick succession. He is beginning to doubt the public's interest in his work, and thinks it might be time to make way for the younger generation... 


During a friendly dinner, the editor-in-chief of ELLE magazine commissioned him to write a weekly literary serial about his childhood, his Provence, his first loves... 


A few days later, when the ELLE messenger came to ask him for the famous pages at the beginning of his story, Monsieur Pagnol rushed to write them. He realized that his childhood memories were escaping him.

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